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By combining our client’s unparalleled understanding of their company culture, with our proven search methodology, we continually place people in the right roles, within the right organisations. Together.

Our Recruitment Services

  • File Search

    This process involves a search of a candidate pool who are actively seeking a new role and the utilisation of our extensive industry network. Candidates who meet the specified criteria are contacted and on the giving of their consent details are presented to the client. It is the most effective form of recruitment in relation to both cost and time; all the information required is readily available and fees are only charged on the successful placement of a candidate. We often promote this approach when it is felt that we have knowledge of an existent pool of professionals that is applicable to an organisation or mandate.



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  • Advertised Assignment

    Used in addition to file search, a dedicated representative will undertake a campaign using the internet and where necessary print media. Relevant respondents will be screened, interviewed and a resultant shortlist presented. The mediums used will be selected from job sites, industry web sites and journals, as well as local, national and international media.

    Advertising is beneficial in a number of ways: attracting passive job searchers in the market; accessing geographically remote areas; tapping into a broader skill base; attracting candidates from other industries; raising a client’s profile should they choose to brand and providing certainty that the vacancy has been given ‘broad exposure’.

    Clients may also benefit from discounted advertising costs through our existing agreements and utilising our graphic design capability giving maximum visual impact to the adverts.


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  • Exclusive Appointments

    Engaging our services on an exclusive basis means your requirement is prioritised and the recruitment process is managed with an increased level of quality, professionalism and efficiency. This process ensures that only appropriate people are identified and that the role is portrayed with a greater level of detail and understanding.


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  • Interim Contracts

    Across our client base there is an increasing demand for flexible recruitment solutions, whether it’s a project need for a week or a senior resource that is required for a defined time period to assist with a particular assignment. We offer interim services for both short and long term assignments. Interim professionals are available for needs at all levels of seniority; we ensure quality of work through rigorous referencing and induction.


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  • Testing and Profiling

    We partner with groups who offer a range of assessment tests and profiling tools to evaluate and measure a candidate’s personal style, ability to work in a team and leadership or cognitive capability. Please contact Nick Redpath if you’d like to discuss the most applicable test or profiling tool to suit a particular need, nick@redpathpartners.com


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Our business services

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From market research and salary benchmarking, to advisory and business-to-business introductions, we offer a range of specialist industry knowledge, insights and services to help our clients succeed.

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