Life at Redpath Partners – Dubai

  • 02 Mar 2021
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  • 2018
Stefan Moylan-Clifford - our first hire direct from the UK, gives us an insight into his experience of joining Redpath Partners Dubai. What first attracted you to Redpath Partners? What first attracted me to Redpath Partners when I came to Dubai in April 2017, was meeting with Charlie and Ben. After hearing about their longevity in the region and knowledge of the Construction industry across the Middle East, I knew they would be good mentors and help me to further my career in recruitment. This coupled with the overall perception they gave of Redpath Partners, as a company of like-minded driven recruiters with global success. Although being on the receiving end of a very stringent interview process wasn’t the most fun experience, it gave me confidence that they would only bring people on board who fitted the DNA of the Redpath Partners. This was your first job in the Middle East, how/what did RP Dubai do to help you settle? Our office manager Millie was very helpful from the get-go, all of the necessities such dealing with the visa process, advising on bank accounts, mobile phone contracts etc were all taken care of with no stress. Over my first couple of weeks with Redpath Partners in Dubai, I was thrown in at the deep end having a crash course in the Middle East market. I was given as much exposure as possible by joining in on my colleagues' meetings to clients and candidates which created a work environment that made me feel supported and settled quickly. Give me an overview of your desk & role at Redpath Partners Dubai? I am an Associate Consultant and I specialise in recruiting construction professional across the Middle East for Contractors, PMC’s, and PQS firms. This encompasses all construction roles from mid-level management to C-level executives, including Cost, Commercial, Planning, to Project Management, QHSE and Construction Site Management roles. What have you found to be the main differences between the UK and Dubai? The main difference I found between working in the UK and working for Redpath Partners in Dubai is the approach to recruitment. This stems from one of our key values; Partnership. We take a much less transactional approach and focus on building relationships with key clients where we can get repeat business. A key part of this approach is actually being a consultant, therefore advising and educating clients and candidates on market as part of our job, not just filling roles. What makes you want to stay at Redpath Partners Dubai? The motivation and inspiration from the top. Having a Director that is on the front line and leading by example creates a great working environment. The collaborative approach and sharing of market knowledge between consultant help everyone to achieve more. Another thing that stands out to me is that although Redpath Partners are an international business with offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York, they still have a very personal feel when it comes to celebrating successes. When good news is shared across the business you can expect your international counterparts, directors, and the MD's to be in contact directly. What benefits are focused on work-life balance? There are many things that Redpath Partners do to encourage a good work-life balance. Here in the Dubai office, we take full advantage of the good weather and on the last Thursday of each month, we go for a team paddle boarding session down by the Burj Al Arab, this keeps us active and it's always a good laugh watching everyone try not to fall in the sea. We also have a monthly social evening where we take it in turns to choose the event such as Virtual Reality challenges and Escape rooms. There are also a number of incentives in place for personal and team performances, which include holiday vouchers and team holidays. What have been your highlights since joining at Redpath Partners? During my 8 months with Redpath Partners, there have been many highlights but 2 that really stand out to me were; making my first placement and our H1 Incentive trip to RAK. As we hit our office target for H1 we enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to RAK which included an adrenaline filled day in the mountains of canyoning, rocking climbing and abseiling, followed by a slightly more relaxing day of golf and brunch. What advice would you give to future recruiters looking to further their career in an international market such as Dubai? Persistence is key. When changing between any recruitment position there will be differences to what you have been used to, but when looking at international markets you will not only be changing your job but your whole lifestyle. It can take time to adjust to your new market and way of working in a different country, bu t if you adapt and are persistent in your approach, you will be bound for success. Back to news