Redpath Partners Wellness Program & Workshops

  • 24 Feb 2021
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Redpath Partners are working on bringing health, happiness and success to their staff by creating a culture fo­cused on positive outcomes through providing fitness and health programs, wellness, mindset and motivation workshops, team building programs, stress management and more. Some examples are; During a recent office refurbishment Bike Racks were installed, encouraging alternative methods of transportation other than driving or public transport which are beneficial to employee’s wellness as well as the future of the environment. Standing Desks (shared in the office) which are proven to burn slightly more calories than you would sitting while you work, and they can also reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain With gyms and parks nearby Fitness Breaks are encouraged outside the weekly Monday morning sessions (see below). Redpath Partners promote healthy eating in the workplace and regularly offer catered healthy lunches and breakfasts at company meetings as well as regular Fruit deliveries to the office. Rewarding staff with a Seated Massage assists them to relieve stress, relax and stay positive and productive.With an optional 2.30pm Friday finish, staff are given the opportunity to utilise their personal time for health, fitness, sunshine, weekend breaks. Start your day / week with exercise! With all the hustle and bustle of kids, work and life, it can be challenging to make the time to exercise. But exercising in the morning is a wonderful way to create a positive routine and provides many added benefits beyond just keeping you fit. Some recent sessions enjoyed by the team were; High intensity Spin Classes at Scenic Cycle is an indoor cycling/spin studio where leaders take their riders on a mind-blowing journey through some of the most spectacular cycling routes in High Definition and matched to a heart pounding soundtrack. Scenic 5km run at Botanic Gardens / Macquarie chair climb! The only good argument against morning running is that it involves voluntarily leaving the comfort of your warm cosy bed and an extra hour of sleep. The multiple benefits still win. Pilates Reformer at Elixr with Katrina Pilates is the key to strengthening your core, gaining toned muscles and improved balance and posture.   WELLNESS ADVENTURES With an outstanding employee culture Redpath Partners offer fitness and wellness adventures with the goal of getting away from their busy desks and day to day commitments. Some recent trips included; The W Hotel in Bali Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Golf/Horse Riding in the Hunter Valley The wellness adventures are kept broad to appeal to a wide range of people and most importantly are focused on having fun as well as relaxing. WELLBEING WORKSHOPS Christie Little Frontier Wellbeing Biofeed Assessment By wearing heartrate monitors Christie in Frontier Wellbeing was able to measure the strength of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is communication between the brain and the body and, amongst other things, is responsible for regulating the stress response, and determines your physical resilience, impacts your cognitive access and influences how well you renew energy. BioAge Challenge This 8-week challenge both kicks off and ends with a non-invasive health assessment that measures an individual's real age vs. their health age. Life-time balance of resources This assessment used non-invasive saliva testing to assess the current health and function of the participant’s endocrine system. The presence of (or lack of) hormones such as cortisol show the cumulative effect of the participant’s day-to-day balance of resources. This is referred to as our allostatic load and is an important indicator to show whether an individual is functioning at a high level, is at risk of burnout, or is already operating in the fatigue zone. Each phase has important implications for how we should cultivate resources for optimal performance. Back to news